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Attendance Policy

Effective October 2006


All scouts are expected to actively participate in Troop activities.  Following is Troop 9's attendance policy, effective Nov. 1, 2006:

  1. 70% attendance is mandatory for all scouts. If a scout falls below 70% he will not be advanced to the next rank.
  2. 60% attendance will be required to go on any outing that is out of our local area. (Examples are Northern New England, August trip, etc.)
  3. 50% attendance will be required for receiving Merit Badges.

Scouts may do the work on advancements and Merit Badges and receive credit when their attendance rises above the percentage listed above.

After 6 months a scout's percentage will be figured back for six months.

Exceptions will be made for major sicknesses (not sniffles) and any school event that is required or affects grades.

The Scoutmaster may also make exceptions in rare cases.

Note: A campout will be calculated by the total number of days covered.  Weekend trips (Friday - Sunday) count as three days and summer camp will count as seven days. A Wednesday meeting counts as one day.






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