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Well it's that time of year again when we prepare ourselves for Summer Camp. Troop 9 will be going to summer camp at Yawgoog on July 7-14 (commonly referred to as Week 2.)

Summer Camp Particulars:

Fee: $375 per scout. Please make checks payable to "Boy Scout Troop 9".

Spending Money: $30 to $35 is more than adequate to keep the scout well fed between meals.  Craft Merit Badges will cost a modest amount for the kits.

Dates: Please plan to arrive at 6:00 PM, Sunday July 7. Scouts will need to be picked up by their parents on Sunday July 14 at camp after the Dress Parade.  Drop off and pick up will be in the Sandy Beach parking lot.

Uniforms: Scouts must have a complete Class A uniform.  Class A shorts are acceptable in place of class A pants. Full uniform is required for dinner every night, for Mass on Sunday, for the Dress Parade and for our Court of Honor.  T-shirts and shorts may be worn at other times.

Lockers: Footlockers or camp boxes are normally used to store personal gear.  Box or footlocker should be lockable.  Ensure that the locker is large enough so that all personal gear fits inside.  Extra keys for the adult leaders (in case the boys lose theirs) will be appreciated.

Health-Safety: All Scouts must have the Annual Health and Medical Record Form completed before the Troop goes to camp.  This is very important, as the Scout will not be able to participate in any activities at camp without it.  Yawgoog has a full-time Doctor and Nurse on staff.

Medication: If a Scout brings medication to camp, please inform the Scoutmaster.  Please be sure it is labeled properly, i.e.: Name of Scout, Name of Medication, Dosage, etc.

Personal Problems: Please inform us of any problems the Scout might encounter at camp.  This will help the scout have a good week at camp.

Aerosol Cans: Please do not send any aerosol cans with the Scout to camp.  We have had problems in the past with them.  They are very hazardous when abused.  Insect repellent, hair spray and deodorant are available in pump or roll-on.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Fireworks: Fireworks are not allowed in any form.  Please help us in assuring the safety of your Scout and others by ensuring your Scout understands that fireworks cannot be brought to camp.

Leaving Camp: If a Scout has to leave camp (parents want to take him out to lunch or dinner, etc.), a card must be filled out at the camp office.  If a Scout has to leave, please let us know so we can make sure he is ready to go when you show up.  A Scout can only leave camp with parental permission.

Mail: Campers look forward to mail, especially first year campers. If possible send the first letter on Thursday, July 4.

Scout's Name, Troop 9 Pawcatuck
Camp Medicine Bow - Campsite Wetomuck - Week 2
Yawgoog Scout Reservation
61 Camp Yawgoog Road
Rockville, RI 02873

Saturday Night Show: All parent's are invited to the Saturday Night Show, July 13.  The show starts around 8  PM.

Parent's Day: Sunday, July 14 is Parent's Day.  Troop 9 will be having a family brunch  and Court of Honor starting at 10:30 AM at the Wetomuck campsite.  The Dress Parade is at 1:00  PM, after which we will be leaving.

Visitors: If you must come to camp during the week, please check in at the Bucklin building.  The Scout will be paged and come to the Bucklin building.

Photos: A professional photographer will take a Troop photo while at camp.  All scouts will receive a picture as part of summer camp - this is included in the camp fee.

What to Bring to Camp

Annual Health and Medical Record Form

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Summer Camp Eagle Merit Badge Program

Summer Camp Merit Badge Program & Prerequisites

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